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 Penn State investigated by US Education Department

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PostSubject: Penn State investigated by US Education Department   Thu Nov 10, 2011 2:44 am

The US Education Department is investigating whether Penn State failed to report incidents of sexual abuse on campus, as required by federal law.

Colleges and universities must report the number of crimes on campus cheap jerseys and provide warnings if safety is threatened.

The investigation was launched after the arrest of former football defensive cheap soccer jerseyscoordinator Jerry Sandusky on sexual abuse charges. Two university officials were arrested custom made jerseys on charges they failed to notify authorities after being told about an incident.

Education secretary Arne Duncan says the allegations, if true, ar mlb jerseys cheape a tragedy for the boys. He says it would be even worse if officials knew about the abuse and didn't report it.

The Office of Financial Aid is conducting the investigation. RolatoThe Office of Civil Rights also is considering whether it should investigate.
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Penn State investigated by US Education Department
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